Renovating your home is exciting, yet can also be stressful. Regardless of how big or small the project is, your living spaces will be disrupted in some way. The best way to prevent inconveniences is to plan for storage during remodeling.

Options for Storage During Remodeling

Portable Storage

If you’re taking on a renovation project that will affect a large area of your home, invest in a portable storage unit during remodeling. These containers are delivered right to your door and can be placed anywhere on your property. You’ll have your belongings nearby but out of the way during your home improvement project. Another benefit of portable storage containers is that they’re more affordable than other storage options.

Self-Storage Units

Self-storage facilities are used for long-term storage during remodeling projects that will take several months to complete. These units are rented by size. One advantage of self-storage units is that they are secure and protected by a coded lock pad. The facilities themselves are covered by 24-hour surveillance for an extra level of protection.

Storage in the Home While Remodeling

Using another part of your home is the most affordable storage option, but it is not always possible. Look for a way to consolidate your belongings to create more storage spaces in the house. For instance, use rolling clothing racks to move clothing to another room or rolling bins to move items out of the way. Even though your belongings are temporarily in another location, they are still easy to get to while your home is being renovated.

These are only a few of the storage options during a home remodeling project. Regardless of which you choose, your items will be safe until your project is complete.

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