If you have lived in a home with a tiny kitchen, you have experienced the challenges of cooking in a small space. A compact kitchen doesn’t have to be frustrating. Try one of these ideas for small kitchens to maximize your space.

Ideas for Small Kitchens: Small Appliances

Vintage appliances are often smaller in size and fit into tight places. Revamped vintage appliances can fit in perfectly to your small kitchen. Appliance manufacturers also offer compact models of appliances. Refrigerators are available in multiple sizes. Compact microwaves or in-wall appliances are also good options for smaller spaces.

Take Advantage of the Fridge’s Exterior

The magnetic exterior of your refrigerator is not just for displaying photos and children’s artwork. Your fridge can support magnetic storage racks. This type of storage uses real estate on the side of the fridge. These racks are great for spices, salt and pepper mills, and other small items that are used daily. Buy a few magnetic hooks for hanging tools such as pastry brushes and vegetable peelers.

Put Lazy Susans to Work

The rotating design of a lazy Susan makes it easy to access items in a hard-to-reach space. The are often found inside of cabinets. Put one in the fridge to cut down on wasted food. It’s harder for leftovers to get shoved to the back and forgotten when you have a rotating shelf. Place taller items toward the center and shorter items toward the outer edges for easy visibility.

Hang Things Up

Magnetic strips for knife storage are ideal for small kitchens. They use wall space instead of cluttering drawers. Magnetic strips can serve as catch-alls for tools like corkscrews and scissors. Cup hooks are also helpful in small kitchens. Easily installed in any cabinet, they hold teacups, mugs, or kitchen tools. Another useful idea for hanging storage is a rack for pots and pans. Use S-hooks to hang your cookware from a rack that is suspended from the ceiling.

A Roll-Out Pantry is One of the Best Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you don’t have adequate room for food storage, build a slim, roll-out pantry. These small pantries can be tucked into tight spaces like between the refrigerator and the wall. A roll-out pantry helps you make the most of limited space. Different types and sizes of pantries are available online or you can build your own as a home improvement project.

When you’re working with a small kitchen, pare down the number of things you have. Keep only the best knives, your favorite glass set, and kitchen tools that are regularly used. Declutter the kitchen, removing chipped plates or gadgets that aren’t necessary. You’ll have less to store in your small kitchen.

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