You planned and prepared to buy a house and finally started building your own home. Since it’s being built from the ground up, you assume everything will be perfect. You and your family will be the first to live in the home and everything is brand new. You may think there’s no need for an inspection, but you will save money and stress by ordering a home inspection on new construction.

The process of building a home includes many sub-contractors working together. Sometimes mistakes are made, details are missed, or defective materials are used. It’s important to have a home inspection to address any construction-related issues and help prevent unexpected problems after you move in.

1. You’ll Get a Comprehensive Home Inspection on New Construction

If you bring up the topic of a home inspection to your contractor, they may tell you that you don’t need one. Every newly constructed project will be inspected for code compliance, which simply means the building meets basic code requirements.

Code requirements have nothing to do with craftsmanship, which is an important factor in the quality and durability of your new home. When you hire a professional home inspector, you’ll get a comprehensive inspection detailing the true condition of your home.

2. Independent Home Inspections are More Flexible

The inspectors who visit your new construction to check for code compliance work for the city or county where you live. Their schedules are hectic and often include several appointments each day. Your inspection could be rushed or running late for another appointment. Hire a private home inspector to give you a thorough and complete home inspection and you’ll have more flexibility to ask questions and receive feedback.

3. Learn About Problems with a Home Inspection on New Construction

Once construction is finished, the sale closes, and you move into the property, it’s yours. If problems arise after you’ve taken ownership, you may be responsible for all costs of repairs, even if the problem was the fault of the construction company or its contracted laborers. To avoid this, hire a professional inspector to assess the property. You can hold the builder responsible for defects or mistakes and ensure your new home is move-in ready.

KO Inspection offers professional home inspection services. If you need an inspection in the Seattle, WA area, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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