You’ve been stuck inside the house all winter and you are longing to use your porch, deck, or patio again. Unfortunately, it still isn’t warm enough outside to be comfortable. There are ways to heat your outdoor living space so you can get back to enjoying it and expand your home’s usable square footage.

Propane Heaters Heat Your Outdoor Living Space

Propane heaters shouldn’t be used in an enclosed outdoor area because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but they are effective heaters for patios and decks. Pyramid heaters have a flame that shoots up through a glass tube, creating a festive ambiance. The classic stand-up style found on restaurant patios emits more heat but doesn’t have the same wow-factor.

Electrical Heaters

If you have an outlet near your outdoor living space, consider outfitting the area with electrical infrared heaters. These outdoor space heaters are safe in an enclosed porch and can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. You’ll want to install these heaters in a place where they are protected from the elements.

Block the Wind

Heaters can’t do their job well if a strong wind is ripping through your outdoor living space. Add barriers to block the wind. A privacy fence or wall serves two purposes; providing privacy and protecting the area from wind. Heavy canvas drapes tied down on both ends can also be an effective barrier.

Use an Open Flame to Heat Your Outdoor Living Space

A fire pit is a great heat source for a patio but usually isn’t safe on a deck or porch. The open flame should be kept at least 10 feet away from structures, trees, and combustible materials. Tiki torches may not add much heat, but any open flame provides a warmer-feeling atmosphere.

Add a Cooking Device

Cooking outdoors heats up the area, whether you are using a charcoal grill, propane grill, or smoker. If the weather isn’t frigid, fire up the grill to cook your dinner and warm up your outdoor space at the same time.

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