With colder weather approaching, most of us will see an increase in our utility bills as we turn on our heating systems. Heat your home efficiently this winter and save money on your power bill while staying warm.

Heat Your Home Efficiently by Maintaining the HVAC System

Schedule annual maintenance for your HVAC system so it keeps running effectively. An HVAC professional will inspect your air ducts, seal any leaks, and check the electrical components of your system. Change your HVAC filters as recommended to ensure adequate airflow. Dirty filters cause your system to work harder to heat your house.

Find and Seal Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks around the doors and windows in a home reduce the energy efficiency of your living spaces. Gaps allow hot air to escape and cold air into your house.

Seal any air leaks around cut-throughs for plumbing pipes. Seal gaps around chimneys and in places like closets, under sinks, and in cupboards. If the weatherstripping around your windows is deteriorating, replace it. Sealing cracks and gaps is easy for any do-it-yourselfer. You will stop air leaks, keep pests out, and improve your energy efficiency.

Inspect the Insulation to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Insulation is important for maintaining the temperature indoors. If your home has damaged, missing, or inadequate insulation, it will lose heat more quickly than a well-insulated house.

To increase energy efficiency, hire a professional to do a home energy assessment. Some utility companies may offer assessments for their customers. Upgrading your home’s insulation is a great way to maintain comfortable temperatures and save money on heating bills.

Small Steps Can Make a Difference

To keep your home warm and cozy, there are some quick and easy steps to take.

  • Use your ceiling fan to help circulate warm air in your home. Make sure the fan blades are pushing warm air down from the ceiling.
  • Close off any unused rooms in your home.
  • Make sure you have a door sweep installed under doors leading to the outside. A door sweep helps prevent airflow under the door.
  • Don’t spend money heating spaces you rarely use. Make sure the fireplace flue is closed when it’s not in use so heat doesn’t escape through your chimney.
  • Program your thermostat to slightly lower the temperature when you’re away during the day and at night while you sleep.
  • Make sure all windows are closed. Check attic windows to make sure you remembered to close them.

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